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Weinacker's Montessori School | Learn While Playing, Play While Learning

Early Childhood (3-6 Year Old)

The Early Childhood Curriculum, ages 3–6, encourages your child to learn spontaneously while working at his or her own pace. This is done in an engaging environment divided into four primary activity areas designed to help your child later in life.

  • Practical life activities are created to emulate real life experiences, allowing the child to experience success in everyday occurrences. This facilitates development of coordination, concentration, independence and a sense of order.
  • Sensorial activities heighten the child’s sensory perception, encouraging them to learn by using their five senses.
  • Language Arts activities such as conversations and sand paper letters, movable alphabet, labeling the environment, story reading and reading skills help facilitate the child’s total language development.
  • Math activities allow students to manipulate concrete materials and learn through sequential presentation, instilling a basic foundation to build from throughout their development.
  • Moreover, science, geography, music and art materials are sequenced throughout the four primary activity areas to make learning more organic and spontaneous.