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Weinacker's Montessori School | Learn While Playing, Play While Learning

Early Elementary

We refer to the Early Elementary Program, ages 6–9, as “Cosmic Education,”meaning it focuses on expanding your child’s awareness of the world. This is accomplished by using academics designed to encourage discovery while facilitating independence, organization, self-discipline and responsibility.

  • Daily logs are kept to help formulate weekly, monthly and yearly goals that are organized into work plans, giving students reassuring evidence of real growth.
  • Math lessons are hands-on and are given at each child’s own pace, using operations, facts, fractions, counting, geometry, measurement and abstract work.
  • Botany and zoology help expand the students’ awareness of the world.
  • Language lessons include reading, grammar, spelling and handwriting.
  • History lessons cover the concept of time and the Great Lessons: the creation story, the history of language and math, and the timeline of life and early humans.