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It Takes a Village….



At one point or another, I am sure you have heard the phrase, It takes a village to raise a child- I have never believed in that statement more than I do after last week. Last Tuesday I was doing some work at my desk, which is located in our Daphne school, and three men wearing bright pink tee shirts walked right through the door.  Our office is located on a separate side of the school so it is rare that we ever have any visitors, especially men in pink shirts.  My co-worker  and I looked at each other wide-eyed and we all exchanged pleasant introductions.  The three men informed us that they were with the Daphne Fire Department and they were here to teach the students, fire safety. How cool is that?!   Lynne, my co-worker, stood from her desk and led the firemen to the right place.

Before I knew it I made my way to where all the action was happening (outside in front of the fire truck).  The children were all wearing bright red plastic helmets and beaming with amazement.  The firemen who came to talk to the students were so great–they were enthusiastic and interacted so well with the kids.  The children were able to hold the hose, wear an actual helmet, and get to climb in the truck! I should also mention that about half way through the firefighter’s visit they had to respond to a call right down the road—they could have easily just went back to the station but instead came right back to finish the fire safety lesson.   It was honestly one of the best lessons I have ever seen and I was an education major so that has to tell you something.    It was really incredible.  I think that the most powerful part of the whole experience was the mere fact that, these three fireman who put their lives on the line for others, took time out of their day to come help the kids in their community about the importance of fire safety and how to keep themselves safe in everyday situations.  The children loved every second of the firefighter’s visit and will more than likely, remember this day for the rest of their lives.






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