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Montessori At Home

“ To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which we will enable him to develop freely.”

Does the very thought of transforming your own home into a Montessori setting overwhelm you?  Well it should not!  Implementing the Montessori method at home not only benefits your child immensely but it will also benefit the entire family.  Montessori Schools are great, if not the best, but we can also easily adapt this amazing approach into our home lives.  After speaking with some of our very own teachers, here is the three step list we came up with!  Enjoy.

1.  The first step is to simply relax.  This will be a process and will take time.  Try not to focus on the trial and error, but rather focus on this beautiful process and the outcomes it will produce.

2.  The term, “Prepared Environment” is a very important concept within the Montessori Method.  Maria Montessori’s concept, the “Prepared Environment” states that the environment should be designed to facilitate independent thinking, exploration, and promote independence. In turn, we can create a “Prepared Environment” at home.  When a child experiences a sense of order in their environment they are more likely to thrive.  We can help create order in our homes by reducing clutter and having a certain place for things–whether it be toys, books, pet food, etc, and sticking to daily routines.

3.  Provide the child with experiences.  Don’t just let children sit on your sofa and watch television!  Allow your children to help with things around the house.  Not only will it help you, but it helps the child gain a sense of responsibility and respect for the world around them.  Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying let your children power wash the driveway this weekend, but I am saying, hand them a towel and have them dust the coffee tables in your living room.  They love to help!  You may also want have your child cook a meal with you.  They can be a big help in the kitchen and it also provides great teachable moments regarding healthy living!

And, voila!  You have now begun the process of creating a Montessori environment in your home. Remember relax, keep an open mind, and enjoy.  It’s definitely a process, but it’s one that is worth the time and effort!




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