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Wonderful Weekend!




Happy Monday to all of you, I hope you all had a weekend as good as mine!  Last Wednesday a few of us from WMS hit the road to the big city of Atlanta!  We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a conference for Early Childhood educators.  This experience was so great and so refreshing!  I literally enjoyed every aspect of our weekend.  First of all, if you ever have the chance to visit Atlanta–I highly recommend it.  Not too big and not too small—an almost perfect size city.  The second part that really struck me was the people.  We met all sorts of people from all over the world who are also huge advocates of Early Childhood education!  It was fantastic.  It is so refreshing to share similar beliefs with others….it is as if we all are so different yet we share this amazing bond.  Lastly, the best aspect of this training was the by far the new and exciting ideas that blossomed!  I am such a huge believer in the Montessori method I want to practically shout it to the world but unfortunately it does not work like that.  I did however gain some wonderful insight and ideas to help educate our local community on the Montessori method!  It is so great to feel refreshed and excited to embrace the life around me.

So, I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who attended the conference with me and everyone who made it possible!

Have a great week!


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