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Tis the Season



The holiday season is a great time to make some memories with the children in your life!  Do not let holiday stress take over you holiday!  Here are three simple ways to make the most out of your Holidays…..

1.  Allow the children in your life to be apart of the experience.  Do not just think that children are supposed to open gifts this holiday season, let them take part in the tradition. I remember always looking forward to helping my mom decorate our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving!  I absolutely loved knowing that I was responsible for helping our tree look so beautiful–it was a such a great feeling and something wonderful to look forward to every year!  There are wonderful seasonal crafts all over the web to give you ideas and inspiration!  Take a look at our Pinterest page to get you started!

2.  It is never to early to teach children about the spirit of giving.  Hold a family food drive or take part in a local event that benefits the less fortunate in our community.  This is a great way to help your children develop grace and courtesy in their lives.

3.  Enjoy the experience.  This time of year is a perfect time to make memories and honor traditions, whatever they may be.  As wonderful as this season is, it may be easy for us to become overwhelmed with shopping, to do lists, and all around perfection.  Try to be mindful of the positive aspects of the holiday and do not let the other stresses consume you.  

Until Next Time–Megan

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