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A Time for Change….






The new year has brought on some big changes for Weinacker’s and I feel it necessary and appropriate to touch on the subject. To fill some of you in, so you are not completely lost, I will do so. At the beginning of December it had been decided that two of our locations would be closing their doors and joining forces with our other locations. This decision was one that, to the best of my knowledge, was not an easy decision to make by any means. This was definitely not a spur of the moment decision, but one that took lots time and reflection, taking all aspects of this decision into careful consideration. When the decision was announced there were many different feelings that came with the big news, as expected–there was sadness, confusion, joy, excitement, and probably some other feelings that surfaced,as well. Feelings, are a positive and natural reaction to any event or situation that inevitably bring change into our lives. To live a well balanced healthy life, it is important that we are able to effectively cope with different emotions and feelings that may arise throughout our lives, this is something we strive to teach our students . This decision did inevitably  bring about change to  people’s lives; our parents, our teachers, our community, and most important, the students of WMS.  This is a  change for the best and is only going to make us stronger as a community!  

The word change sometimes comes with a negative connotation and that is really unfortunate, in my opinion. To me,change,means that we are getting the opportunity to grow into something bigger and better, whatever it may be and in this case it is our schools.  It has been truly amazing to witness how great everyone has been during this time.  I would also like to take this time to personally thank everyone who came together and made Weinacker’s even stronger.  I am extremely grateful and humbled by this experience to have been able to come together with the wonderful students, parents, and teachers and move forward together!  

Have a great weekend.






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