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On the Road Again continued…..

So as you all know, I took a little road trip to the town of big city of Dothan, Alabama to check out their new Montessori school, Dothan Montessori!  I had a blast.

My trip started at 5:00am—I hit Interstate 10 and was smooth sailing!  Despite the constant drizzle that stuck with me through out my trip I was still extremely excited the whole time!  I pulled into Dothan right at 8:30 a.m. and saw my friend Brandi, the director and toddler teacher, waiting at the door.  Dothan Montessori is located inside a beautiful Episcopal Church on the corner of Holly Avenue.  I would also like to state that Dothan is a very lovely town.  After, I arrived Brandi showed me to the Toddler room where I met the Toddler room assistant Ms. Laura and a room full of seven toddlers.

I took a seat in the back of the classroom in a blue Eddie Bauer-ish glider and began to watch the magic happen.  The classroom ranged in age from 18 months to two and a half.  I was lucky to have been there early enough to catch circle time.  The teachers, Ms. Brandi (also the director) and her assistant Ms. Laura were phenomenal with the children.  Despite the young ages, the children did really well throughout the ten minute circle time!  It was awesome!  After circle time the children went about their business and chose to do whichever work interested them at the time.  I observed the classroom for about an hour and a half and then Ms. Brandi and I went on a tour of the rest of the school.  It was really beautiful, everything was brand new and practically sparkled as we walked passed the shelves.  Brandi informed me that this new school year was going great and by the looks of it, she was right!

I had such a great experience traveling to Dothan to see the new Dothan Montessori School!  I was honored that they allowed me to come visit and get a sneak peek into this new adventure!  If you are ever in the Dothan area I highly recommend you check out this awesome school!

Until next time!


P.S.  Stick with taking I-10…..Don’t get me started on my trip home attempting to find I-65 :)


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