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Until Next Year



Greetings everyone!  It is hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone!  I truly hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday!  Even though Christmas seems to come and go so quickly it always has a profound impact on us leaving us with sweet memories to hold on to.

Monday we will be having our annual company wide training!  I am pretty excited.  It is always fun to be reunited with the teachers from all of our schools and catch up with everyone!  I will definitely take some pictures and post them when I return next week! They should be worth checking out.

In just a few days we will be entering the year 2014!  Crazy huh?  Being that the New Year is usually a time for new beginnings and resolutions really got me thinking about a lot.  As some of you may know we are going through a lot of changes at Weinacker’s and it will undoubtedly impact everyone–the children, the parents, the teachers, the administration.  As we make our way into this brand New Year, I wish all of you happiness, love, and peace.  Sometimes it is easy to become consumed with everything else other than happiness, love and peace so maybe if we all make a point to remember the little things in life that truly make a difference and embrace change with open arms and understanding hearts– we will have a really great year!

Talk to you soon!


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