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Montessori Journey

It has been another great week at Weinacker’s!  For starters, on Sunday July 14, 2013 the AMS Administration training came to an end after eighteen days straight of intensive training.  Words cannot describe how proud we are of everyone who took part in this experience; the endless amounts of hard work, the dedication, and determination that was put forth is truly an inspiration.  We are extremely lucky to have leaders that undoubtedly, go above and beyond to make our schools a better place.

Our administrators are not the only members of Weinacker’s that are setting forth on their AMS journey—-we are pleased to announce that on Monday July 15, 2013 we had a lovely group of Weinacker’s teachers began their AMS Early Childhood 3-6 training!  The training started with Sensorial and was taught by Ms. Helen DeVere. We could not be more excited for all of them as they embark on this Montessori journey.  We are certain that this experience will not only benefit them as educators but will make an impact on their student’s educational foundation encouraging a love for learning and an excitement for life.

This training serves as professional development in many ways. It reminds teachers that education is always an ongoing process, and ideally this reflects onto their curriculum in the classroom. Our goal at Weinacker’s is to work as a productive team on all levels, set clear goals, and continually analyze what is working and what is ineffective. We can expect high standards for students when we set high standards for our teachers as well. At the center of success is having a staff that shares the same vision.





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