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Happy Birthday, Dr. Montessori!

 Happy Birthday!  

Maria Montessori Picture

One hundred and forty-three years ago today, an educational pioneer was born into this world unbeknownst to all, the profound impact she would one day make. (and still makes today!)  On behalf of the entire Weinacker’s Montessori School community and with our deepest appreciation and admiration, we would like to wish Dr. Maria Montessori a very, Happy Birthday!

Maria Montessori was born on August 31, 1870 in a small town in Italy.  She was born into a hard-working, intelligent family.  From a very early age Maria loved to learn, often escaping in books and various museums; which essentially laid the foundation for her many accomplishments throughout the course of her life.
In 1896, Montessori graduated with her medical degree becoming one of the very first women physicians in Italy.   While working in the medical field Montessori found herself becoming very interested in the field of, Education.  Dr. Montessori began attending Education classes becoming more and more intrigued with the different educational theorists and learning processes.   Montessori believed in the power of, observation.  Observation was Montessori’s most valuable tool when it came to understanding children and their needs for optimal development.     In 1907 decided to open the Casa del Bambini (the Children’s House), providing the less fortunate local children, an ideal learning environment.  Dr. Montessori was amazed at how well the children were progressing and adapting to their new educational setting.  Through observation and assessments, Dr. Montessori was able to provide the children at the Casa del Bambini with a meaningful education, real experiences, and the freedom to explore the world around them.    By 1910, the Montessori Method was praised and recognized throughout the educational world!

Dr. Maria Montessori’s  accomplishments and  scientific research was so advanced for her time yet paved the way for the  development of children, continuing to make an impact today!  There are Montessori schools in over 100 countries throughout the world today.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Montessori!












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