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Grace & Courtesy

Yesterday I decided to run an errand with a good friend of mine. Absentmindedly, we decided to conquer her to-do list during the end of a school day (holy traffic!). We were about to pull up to our first stop when we entered a “school zone”. Without even realizing it, I waved to the safety patrol/crossing guard. I noticed my friend did a double take. Minutes later and two checks off her to-do list, we rolled through another “school zone”. Once again, without realizing my actions, I waved to the safety patrol/crossing guard.

“Do you know her?” She asked.
“Nope” I responded
“So you just wave at crossing guards?” She asked me with a curious tone.
“I guess I do” I replied without really thinking about it.
“ Geez, Megan that is really kind of you.”

When I later thought about what my friend had said to me about being kind, I was a little taken back. I always wave to people—not just safety patrol guards. I wave to porch sitters as I walk my dog, I wave to people as they let me merge on the highway, I guess I am just a “waver.” Now my waving may seem a little silly as you read this blog post but let me clarify. When I wave, I acknowledge. There is no judging, biases, or assumptions; there is just a friendly gesture that acknowledges the people in which I live amongst. I feel it is important to acknowledge the people around me regardless if I know them personally or not.

I can easily say that my favorite aspect of Montessori education is the emphasis on, grace and courtesy. I love everything about grace and courtesy. In this day and age it seems that people become so involved with their immediate situation that even an acknowledgment to a peer is often conceived as exerting too much personal energy on someone other than themselves. The Montessori curriculum enforces grace and courtesy and I have a very deep respect for that. As adults, we need to try our best to help our children prosper in every way possible. We have a huge advantage when it comes to our adulthood; we can make a difference in the lives of children. I believe the saying goes, Kindness is Contagious. Pass it on.

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