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Give Back to Your School Day!


Last Saturday on September 21, 2013 we held our first annual Give Back to Your School Day!  You may be asking yourself what exactly this is….and I am going to fill you all in!  At WMS we believe it is very important that we work very closely with the families that attend our school, we feel it creates community.  Community is a very important concept within our schools and we also feel to successfully help the children of our schools reach their fullest potential, we all must work together in this process.

I remember a time when I was a school girl on the south side of Chicago attending a local parochial school….sweet memories.  I remember being convinced at one point that there were hidden cameras throughout the school that my parents could watch from work because let me tell you, they knew everything that went on at school.  By the time I was entering high school it dawned on me that my parents, my friends parents and the teachers at our elementary school were a team.   Our goal at all of our WMS locations is to be a team with the families who attend all of our schools.  We all want the best for the children in our schools and if we all worked together in this process our children will really reap the benefits!

Give Back to Your School was designed so that the families of WMS and the staff could come together and help make their schools a better place which also helps for parents and WMS staff members take a sense of responsibility in the school which essentially helps us all take pride in our school!  It is a wonderful opportunity for WMS staff and families to get to know one another on a deeper level.   We had many families attend this wonderful event and work so hard to make our schools more beautiful!  We are so thankful for everyone’s hard work and cannot wait until our next Give Back to Your School Day!  







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