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Weinacker's Montessori School | Learn While Playing, Play While Learning


We have many exciting things planned for this summer. Our Infant / Toddler AMS training begins on June 3rd, followed by our AMS Administrator’s training beginning June 27th. We will wrap up our summer training with AMS Early Childhood training which will start July 15th. As you can see, we have a busy training schedule which will greatly benefit everyone who attends and all of their students. Check the website for details.

Next month our 2012-2013 AMS Early Childhood trainees will receive their credentials. A celebration is scheduled at Ms Maryann’s bay house. We give our sincerest congratulations to all of the graduates.

Meanwhile, our schools have been busily planning fun, interesting and educational Summer Camp schedules for the school age children. Trips have been planned to visit the local parks, splash pads, theaters, and many other fun and interesting places. The children will be involved in art, cooking, and craft projects on days when they are not on field trips.    Let’s not forget that they will have learning experiences while they are attending. Give them a call to find the right fit for your children.

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