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The Beauty of Montessori



This morning when I arrived to work I went about my normal routine, switching gears after working in Lake Forest’s Infant room for my practicum.  I finally got settled in and headed straight to my inbox, like I always do.  I was not expecting to have an “ah ha” moment (I think that is what they call it these days) but much to my surprise, I did.  Aside from the expected email updates I had an email from one of the school directors, not giving it too much thought, I opened it and viewed the attachment.  I stared at the picture for a couple of minutes and only one word crossed my mind, Beautiful.  

Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in the things going on around us, it is easy for us to slightly lose focus and oversee the beauty in our everyday lives.  Some people may not think that two toddlers helping sweep their classroom is anything to get excited about but it is actually signifies so much more.  Children are often believed to be incapable of doing much of anything until they reach five or six years old but that is absolutely not the case.  Children thrive when they are given the opportunity and respect they deserve.  When children are provided with the appropriate means to thrive in the world around them, consequently they develop that innate love of learning and the desire to seek out new experiences.


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