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Administrator Training has begun!

Our administrators training started last Thursday the 27th. We are in the middle of our lessons on Montessori philosophy and everyone seems to be very interested in what we are doing. Today we will give presentations based on what we have learned from our readings of “Montessori The Science behind the Genius”. Our instructor, Connie Guiberson, is a wonderful lady from Iowa. It has been uplifting and inspirational to hear of her Montessori journey. We were also extra lucky to have had the company of Ann Gavey for our first two days. It just so happened that she finished up her teaching the Infant/Toddler course and stayed on in Mobile a couple extra days and asked if we would mind her joining us. Of course we were thrilled to have her. What a wonderful a bonus! July 1st we will be joined by Nahla Nasser who will be providing instruction and insight in leadership. We will be sad to see Connie leave, she has made quite an impression on all of us in training.
I will keep you up to date as we continue our journey to becoming better administrators.

Cheryl Marrison, Operations Manager


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