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Weinacker's Montessori School | Learn While Playing, Play While Learning

The Montessori Method

The Montessori approach to learning encourages each child to reach his full potential in all areas of life. The classroom environment contains many multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting materials. The materials facilitate the learning of skills and concepts. The children are free to work at their own pace with materials they have selected from the environment. All classrooms have multi-age groupings that encourage a family-like atmosphere where learning takes place naturally and spontaneously

Find out more about the originator, Maria Montessori.

American Montessori Society (AMS) is a national organization composed of teachers, parents, administrators, and schools. The main purpose of AMS is promoting better education for all children using the Montessori Method developed by Maria Montessori.

Montessori History

Maria Montessori, born in 1870, became the first woman in Italy to receive a medical degree. Having studied psychiatry, education and anthropology, Maria came to believe that every child is born with a unique potential waiting to be revealed, rather than as a “blank slate” waiting to be written upon.

She put her unorthodox approach to the test and opened her first school in an apartment building in 1907, focusing on teaching the children ways to develop their own skills at their own pace, which she called “spontaneous self-development.” Having great success, many more schools followed, sparking worldwide interest.