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Weinacker's Montessori School | Learn While Playing, Play While Learning


Heather Cannon, a WMS Hillcrest parent

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          The process of deciding on childcare was an emotional and difficult one.  I looked at about six different facilities during my pregnancy.  Initially, I didn’t know what I was looking for in childcare, but was disappointed in many of the places that I considered.  At most places, I saw an assembly line of children in swings, high chairs, bouncy seats, cribs, all eating at the same time, sleeping at the same time, etc.  As the children got older, they were entertained by television.  This was not what I envisioned for my child.  At Weinacker’s I found a completely different atmosphere where the infants were fed and allowed to sleep based on their own individual schedules.  The childcare providers all seemed loving and nurturing.  The rooms didn’t all have that assembly line feeling I had experienced at other facilities.  The placement of toys and books at floor level really seemed to encourage play and learning in the non-mobile infants, as well as encouraging them to become mobile at their own pace.  The infant and toddler rooms were also bright, uncluttered and clean.  I was also impressed at the absence of televisions in the toddler and pre-school rooms.  This reassured me that children would learn through activities, playing, reading, etc. and not be placed in front of the tv for hours.  I really felt that Weinacker’s is a ‘school’ where my child would learn and not just a ‘daycare’ where she would be looked after for the hours that I was at work.  All of Bella’s teachers have been kind, nurturing, and have communicated well with me.  It has felt like a partnership between her teachers and me as we have progressed through different stages of development; starting solid foods, changing sleep schedules (moving from two naps to one), potty training, dealing with tantrums.  She has become a very smart, confident, independent little girl, and I know that this in part due to her experience at Weinacker’s.  I always recommend WMS to my friends.