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Weinacker's Montessori School | Learn While Playing, Play While Learning

Early Education and Child Care

 Infants through Third Grade

Our Approach

We believe every child is born with unique potential. And in order for your child to reach their potential, it must first be revealed. That’s where our highly skilled teachers and unique approach come in.

  • Safe, clean learning environment
  • Certified teachers
  • Licensed childcare
  • Before and after school programs
  • Infants through 12 years old
  • Summer camp for ALL ages!
  • Free meals at most sites

First and foremost, we at Weinacker’s Montessori School encourage children to learn while playing and play while learning. Studies show that using a sensory approach to learning is the most effective way to learn and retain it. So, at Weinacker’s Montessori Schools students get to move around and explore, allowing them to learn while using their five senses in a safe and engaging environment. This not only gives them the freedom to explore their natural abilities, it allows your child to have a unique, individualized learning experience. This helps instill self-confidence and a lifelong curiosity for knowledge. After all, we’re not just preparing your child for their education; we’re preparing them for life!

In addition to our highly effective learning program, we offer childcare and daycare services. Ask us about our program for all day care.

Your Child deserves the Best!  Here are the top five reasons to choose Weinacker’s Montessori School for your child’s educational success and childcare needs!  

  • American Montessori Society certified lead teachers at every location
  • Hands on learning environment designed to foster individual developmental growth and independence
  • Individualized lesson plans for students based on continuous strategic teacher observations
  • Recognize the sensitive period for toilet training beginning around 18 months and proactively strive to have each child fully toilet trained by age two
  • Students develop self-discipline and an internal sense of purpose and motivation

Learn more about our programs and unique approach.